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Many Thanks To All O’Leary’s Kitchen Flatbread Sandwich Customers

by Annette
Many thanks to all the O’Leary’s Kitchen customers who patiently lined up for their first faltbread sandwich of the year on opening day at the Hamilton Farmers Market. As you can see from the photo above, we grilled an abundance of sausage expecting to have some left over for the band, but we ran out just before noon and  many of you waited 15 to 20 minutes for a fresh batch to cook. As some of you already know, I had to use my hot dog bar kitchen to do our delicious “back by popular demand flatbreads”. 🙂 The kitchen […]
O'Leary's Kitchen Flatbread

Flatbread Made as Round as You Can And as Flat as The Pan

by Annette
Flatbread or Pan Bread Recipe Many years ago, my mother took it upon herself to teach my sister and I how to make flatbread. At the time we called it pan bread. “Make sure you roll it out as round as the pan and as flat as you can,” was my mother’s chant for O’Leary’s flatbread. Pan bread was quick and easy to make and we loved rolling fried sausage and pan fried onions up in the warm flatbread topped with our very own secret sauce recipe. If it was a good day and the cupboard had cheese, we added […]

Pan Fried Potato Cakes – Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention Recipe

by Annette
With the thousands of pan fried potato cakes recipes distributed throughout the internet and in a multitude of cookbooks, which one is right for you? The answer lies in the ingredients you already have. Read on. Many, many moons ago, as a first year high school student and during my first teenage year at a convent school in Ireland, cooking (as well as knitting and sewing) was part of the curriculum. The class was called Domestic Science, but some of us, as a young group of suffragette supporters, had another name for it, housewife in training. We had both theory […]

What Makes a Great Professional Chef?

by Annette
Traits of a Great Professional Chef? First of all, what makes a great professional chef is a passion for food, to care about the service provided and customers they serve and the team he or she leads. Secondly, a great professional chef thrives and becomes successful because they never forget what it’s like to sit in the dining room expecting a great meal. And thirdly, it takes a desire to learn and an intensity to take that learning to the next level each time a professional chef steps into the kitchen. A great professional chef knows there is no stopping […]